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Who IS he exactly? And...WHY you want to work with him!

"You're Unlikely To Amount To Anything"

As a schoolboy, Seán was made to feel he was, at best, just academically average.

And, aged 17, his school housemaster told him dismissively that he was unlikely to amount to anything.

But it didn't stop there.

Less than a year before leaving school he went to talk to one of his favourite and seemingly most supportive teachers about one of his big post-school ambitions.

The mild mannered male teacher smiled with polite awkwardness and told him nicely, but trying not to laugh, that Seán didn’t really stand a chance of achieving it.



Dreams Shattered In Just Two Minutes


Then, two years later, despite being one of the 34 people who’d been chosen from 3,000 applicants for a place at the UK’s top journalism college, his lecturer shattered his hopes in the space of 2 just minutes.

His lecturer told Seán he was not only highly likely to fail the one year course, but that he was even more likely to fail in a journalistic career. He's seen here reading the network TV news - with hair! Was it confiscated by foreign customs officers or borrowed, for a little too long, by a well known and "colourful" politician?!

And yet this had been Seán’s heartfelt vocation since he was a 14 year old when he started writing for his local newspaper in his school holidays.

Yet again he'd been dismissed by the very people he was looking to help him succeed in life.

He was devastated. His life’s dreams and ambitions were in tatters. And his self-confidence was also shattered.

Then Look What Happened...

But then, confounding all those who had written him off, the following happened…

  • Within 1 year of that latest You’re-Going-To-Fail declaration, he started working as a reporter in the ruthlessly competitive environment of national newspapers…aged 19
  • Within 1.5 years of that dismissive declaration, he was an on-screen TV news correspondent for regional TV…aged 20
  • Within 2 years of his lecturer’s “pep talk,” he became an on-screen TV news correspondent for network TV…aged 21 - reportedly the youngest ever network TV news correspondent in the UK
  • Within 3 years of that “chat” he became a network TV news presenter…aged 22
  • Within 10 years Seán had won a top award for his journalism and broadcasting
  • And then, after achieving what he'd set out to do in that career, he started his first business from nothing...and was earning a six-figure income within 4 years

Undercover Work, Criminals & Cannibals

And during that time, Seán  has carried out undercover investigations - sometimes at the risk of being severely hurt.

He’s been held at gunpoint a few times by angry men in ugly situations, met and interviewed some very diverse people, from presidents and pop stars to paedophiles and professional assassins and all the many fascinating people in between. Here he's seen after a perilous mountain expedition in New Guinea, in which he almost died, hanging out with some Dani tribesmen in the jungle where cannibalism is still reported to happen.

Entrepreneurial Urges


Then, in his thirties, Seán made a scary move, leaving the profession that had been a key driving force in life. He had achieved what he had wanted but he was also becoming increasingly disillusioned with journalism and broadcasting.

He wanted to do something much more rewarding that would make a real everyday difference to other people’s lives.

And that's when Seán had some entrepreneurial urges he just couldn't suppress!

"Out Of Thin Air"

And so, without any knowledge of how to start or run a business and without any financial backing, Seán started his first business. As his father, himself a seasoned entrepreneur put it, he had "started a business out of thin air."

And now…

Seán now runs a successful business which involves working around the world helping international businesses make millions more per year and helping business professionals like you achieve the greater promotions, pay rises, business deals and the respect and recognition they may have thought they couldn’t get.

This is done through applying sometimes little known psychological and practical communication tools and techniques from his own colourful experiences that are also backed-up by the best scientific research as well as amazing insights gleaned from having interviewed billionaires, Hollywood stars, war heroes, Olympic medallists and other highly successful people about their successes as well as their setbacks.

Best-Selling Author & Media Commentator

Seán is also is a published author of a best-selling book on confidence.

He's been helping clients who've applied his techniques to win major business sales, get the jobs and pay increases they and others believed they couldn't get and more. And practising what he preaches, he once earned six figures worth of business from having just TWO 20 second conversations with two people he had never met before!

He also regularly appears in the media (below are some of the TV, radio and print & online media he's been featured in and on) talking about confidence and communication...

As featured in & on...

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Speaking Around The World

Seán works with individuals and organisations from around the world helping them earn the results, the recognition and the rewards they want and deserve, as you can see here...


And How People Feel About His Work

Here's a sample of a few of the people Seán has worked with...


Held At Gunpoint, Meeting Presidents & Wellington Boot Throwing

In his spare time, Seán raises money for children's and cancer charities, having also worked with a charity to help turnaround and transform the lives of teenagers, many of whom had criminal records, some of them for serious crimes..

He'a also a former discus and wellington boot throwing champion. Random - but true!

And now he also shares his unique experiences and invaluable insights with his clients and many others…helping them to dare, even a little more than they might normally, so they often achieve even greater rewards in their personal and professional lives.

He has a big love of his family, his true friends, banter, taking part in sport, from tennis and adventure racing to windsurfing and cycling (he's seen here finishing a 100 mile cycle race), adventure, laughter, travel, arts & culture and, of course, man-sized slices of chocolate fudge cake!.


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